“A masterclass in suspenseful character-driven prose fiction. Simply exceptional.”

FRANK DARABONT – Writer and Director of The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile.

“A wildly entertaining story that grabs you on page one and drags you into its dark world kicking and screaming.”


“A blood-pumping, nerve-shredding thriller–elegant, edgy, ingenious . . . as exciting a house of horrors as I’ve ever visited. You’ll enter both with dread. You’ll dwell in them with relish.”

A. J. FINN - #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Woman in the Window

“A truly frightening story, one that gets under your skin slowly, then goes deep, like the tip of a butcher knife.”


“Gloriously diabolical. A terrifying thrill ride through the hidden chasms of the human soul.”


Award-winning author Craig Russell’s novels have been translated into twenty-five languages worldwide. The movie rights to The Devil Aspect, published by Doubleday in the US and Constable/Little, Brown in the UK has been bought by Sony/Columbia Pictures. Five Fabel novels have been made into movies (in one of which Craig Russell makes a cameo appearance as a detective) by Tivoli Films and transmitted on German national broadcaster ARD.  The Lennox novels are being developed into a returning TV series by BAFTA award-winning Synchronicity Films.


There is no Jekyll… only Hyde.

A modern Gothic masterpiece from the internationally bestselling author of The Devil Aspect.


The place where evil hides …

“A masterclass in suspenseful, character-driven prose fiction, Simply exceptional.”

Frank Darabont,

writer and director of The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Walking Dead and Mob City.

Classic, twisted gothic thriller, published by Doubleday in the US, Constable in the UK – movie rights bought Sony/Columbia Pictures.

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‘Some concepts are alien to the Glaswegian mind. Salad. Dentistry. Forgiveness.’
There you go. That’s how you open a novel... 👌 https://t.co/3YMlzgdhxn
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@TheCraigRussell a new french review of Rituels sanglants on Babelio : "Hambourg, de nos jours,

Plusieurs jeunes femmes ont été assassinées selon le même rituel : éventrées, les poumons déployés comme des ailes à la manière du sanglant rituel viking.


We debated all day about our Books of the Year and we managed to agree on a Top 10!!

It's an epic selection (if we do say so ourselves) including @misterkristoff "Empire of the Vampire" and @SarahVPearse "The Sanatorium"!! https://t.co/fetLxVpxhV
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Craig Russell Books
Craig Russell Books
🎉 We are very excited to announce our line-up of amazing guest speakers for our annual literary festival, Winter Words 2022:

Craig Russell, Arusa Qureshi, Eilidh Muldoon, James Crawford, Alexander McCall Smith, Amy Liptrott, Denise Welch, Arifa Akbar, Kathleen Jamie, Denise Mina, Kenny Boyle, Ewan Morrison, Merryn Glover, Colin Liddell and Andrew Painting

Craig Russell Books
Craig Russell Books
Happy Christmas everyone from Craigie's Weihnachtsstube (A Christmas Eve tradition). Hope you all have a great 2022!
Craig Russell Books
Craig Russell Books
It's been the perfect misty day for a mystery. I've been finishing off my latest novel and the weather's been providing the perfect atmosphere …
Craig Russell Books
Craig Russell Books
As 2021 draws to a close, here’s Ian’s traditional end of year review, as he looks back on 2021 and shares some of his highlights and reflections – as well as his favourite books, records and films of the last twelve months…

Craig Russell Books
Craig Russell Books
+++ Mörderisches Intermezzo – Mord am Hellweg lädt zum Zwischenspiel +++ Heute: Neuerscheinung +++ Craig Russell +++

Edinburgh im 19. Jahrhundert. Der gefürchtete Superintendant der Polizei, Edward Hyde, leidet an Epilepsie und ist plötzlich mit einem Toten konfrontiert, der nach einem keltischen Ritual ermordet worden ist. Als er seinem einzigen Freund, dem Arzt Dr. Samuel Porteous, sein Geheimnis offenbart, wird auch dieser auf eine ähnlich mysteriöse Art und Weise ermordet. Die Suche nach dem Mörder führt ihn zu zwei Patienten, die möglicherweise Gewissheit bringen könnten.

Wer mehr über das Buch "Der geheimnisvolle Mr. Hyde" (Rütten & Loening) erfahren möchte, sollte ab heute unbedingt seinen lokalen Buchhändler aufsuchen und sich ein Exemplar für spannende Herbstabende sichern!

Für einen Appetizer zum Buch sorgt Russell am 19.11. persönlich, wenn er sich live aus Perthshire nach Unna ins Nicolaihaus zuschaltet. Autor und Verlagsleiter Reinhard Rohn führt ein Gespräch mit dem Bestsellerautor, während der Dortmunder Kabarettist und Lyriker Fritz Eckenga den deutschen Lesepart übernimmt.

Für die Livestream-Lesung via Zoom-Webinar gibt es Zugangstickets über mordamhellweg.de oder direkt in unserem pretix-Ticketshop. Der Zugangslink wird wenige Tage zuvor per E-Mail übersendet.
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TV and Film

CARNEVAL – Trailer

Tivoli Films/ARD movie of Craig Russell’s CARNEVAL

Brandmal Film Trailer

German film version of Craig Russell’s ETERNAL (BRANDMAL in German) Film-Trailer für Craig Russells BRANDMAL

Wolfsfährte – Trailer


“THE DEVIL ASPECT is a wildly entertaining story that grabs you on page one and drags you into its dark world kicking and screaming. Russell has created a truly frightening story, one that gets under your skin slowly, then goes deep, like the tip of a butcher knife. I read the novel one snowy night by the fire, unable to sleep until I finished, then unable to sleep once I had.”


“A tour de force: a clever and visceral thriller with a one-two-three knockout of an ending that left me dazed. The brooding backdrop of a Czechoslovakia on the brink of World War II just adds another layer of atmosphere to an already nightmarish read.”

LINCOLN CHILD - #1 New York Times bestselling author

“A crime story that transcends the genre. Craig Russell brilliantly uses the character of his tough, funny and hopeful man Lennox to give us the eyes and ears on a time and place. This is storytelling at its very best!”

Michael Connelly

“Steeped in the chilling folklore of Eastern Europe and echoing the dread of a barbaric war to come, The Devil Aspect snatches the reader by the lapels for a thrilling, twisting trip through the darkest corridors of the human mind.”

Daniel H. Wilson - New York Times bestselling author of Robopocalypse

“A blood-pumping, nerve-shredding thriller–elegant, edgy, ingenious. Craig Russell conjures not one but two unforgettable settings: Prague between the wars, pulsing with menace, and a Gothic mental asylum, as exciting a house of horrors as I’ve ever visited. You’ll enter both with dread. You’ll dwell in them with relish.”

A. J. Finn - #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Woman in the Window

“Deep, dark, and twisty, The Devil Aspect will keep you up all night reading… With all the lights on. Russell has created a gripping masterpiece of a thriller!”

Alex Grecian - New York Times bestselling author of THE YARD

“A distinctive and exciting new voice in crime fiction… this is gritty, authentic and disturbing stuff”

Mo Hayder

“Lennox is a private eye for the ages. Tough, uncomprising and insightful, with concrete fists and a heart of gold. Russell has brilliantly captured post-war Glasgow and the vulnerability of those left to pick up the pieces.”

Michael Robotham

“In 1935 Prague, vicious murders are linked to a medieval castle housing an insane asylum outside the city in this well-crafted gothic crime tale…. A seasoned writer, Russell keeps the police case moving at a good clip…but nothing to match the ending, which offers more twists than a Chubby Checker album. A smart, atmospheric, and entertaining read but not for the Jung and easily Freudened.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Scalpel-sharp dissection of the nature of evil. A splendidly Gothic story. It is breathtaking.”


Russell writes a pacy, ever-twisting mystery that will keep you turning the pages.

Ian RankinBestselling author of the Rebus series