“A wildly entertaining story that grabs you on page one and drags you into its dark world kicking and screaming.”


“A truly frightening story, one that gets under your skin slowly, then goes deep, like the tip of a butcher knife.”



Classic, twisted gothic thriller, published by Doubleday in the US, Constable in the UK – movie rights bought Sony/Columbia Pictures.

Award-winning author Craig Russell’s novels have been translated into twenty-five languages worldwide. The movie rights to The Devil Aspect, published by Doubleday in the US and Constable/Little, Brown in the UK, and as Wo der Teufel ruht in Germany, has been bought by Sony/Columbia Pictures. Screen rights to BIBLICAL have been acquired by Imaginarium Studios. Five Fabel novels have been made into movies (in one of which Craig Russell makes a cameo appearance as a detective) by Tivoli Films and transmitted on German national broadcaster ARD.  The Lennox novels are being developed into a returning TV series by BAFTA award-winning Synchronicity Films.

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Just received these from @edizpiemme : splendid-looking copies of the special edition of "Il Castello del Male", available now—the short prequel to the novel "Il Segreto del Male", published in Italy on June 3 #CraigRussell #IlSegretoDelMale #EdizioniPiemme @DHAtranslation https://t.co/U6QWnMfQrd TheCraigRussell photo

Le parole di Booklist riescono ad inquadrare perfettamente le peculiarità de IL SEGRETO DEL MALE di Craig Russell, il nuovissimo thriller che troverete in libreria e sugli store online dal 3 Giugno.

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Promoción especial para nuestros lectores de EUA: #ElAspectoDelDiablo, última novela de @TheCraigRussell, está disponible por 4,99€ en formato #eBook: https://t.co/QEjgclfEWX https://t.co/oOpOzEjOBr TheCraigRussell photo

Just found this! The wonderful @DouglasSkelton1 talking to @Theresa_Talbot on @TBLTartanNoir. Douglas discusses why he hates me (I've never been so flattered) as well as discussing his own fantastic novels. I missed this because I was being so suave, apparently. https://t.co/fwnGikGKTW
The Tartan Noir Show @TBLTartanNoir

@DouglasSkelton1 chats to @Theresa_Talbot about his second book in the Rebecca Connolly series, The Blood is Still, and we meet Mickey the dog who joins in from another room! 📚🐶

Listen using the links below.

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Craig Russell Books
Craig Russell Books
¡Cómo nos gusta empezar así la semana y el mes! Todos estos libros son novedades que os traemos para que no os falten libros este verano, desde el nuevo libro de #GonzaloBoye, #AsíEstánLasCosas, al regreso de Kiera Cass con #LaPrometida o de #JenWang con el nuevo Sapristi Comic #Destellos.

Además os traemos por fin la edición en papel de algunos de los títulos que ya os hemos avanzado en #eBook: #DesafiandoAlOlvido, #Depredadores y #ElRecuerdoDelOlvido. Aquí os lo contamos todo: https://bit.ly/LibrosJunio2020 ¡Felices lecturas!
Craig Russell Books
Craig Russell Books
Morning, deer …
Craig Russell Books
Craig Russell Books
Craig Russell Books
Vengo a prenderti (Paola Barbato), Wuhan. Diari da una città chiusa, Io sono Zelda, L'ultima storia (John Grisham) e altre novità in libreria dal 3 giugno
Craig Russell Books
Craig Russell Books
I'm sure it has been posted before, but I just got round to watching the films and spotted the main man's cameo appearance.
Craig Russell Books
Craig Russell Books
Office for today …
Craig Russell Books
Craig Russell Books
Polizeihund/Police dog.
Okay—when I start thinking of hats Molly would look good in, maybe lockdown is getting to me a bit …
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TV and Film

CARNEVAL – Trailer

Tivoli Films/ARD movie of Craig Russell’s CARNEVAL

Brandmal Film Trailer

German film version of Craig Russell’s ETERNAL (BRANDMAL in German) Film-Trailer für Craig Russells BRANDMAL

Wolfsfährte – Trailer


“THE DEVIL ASPECT is a wildly entertaining story that grabs you on page one and drags you into its dark world kicking and screaming. Russell has created a truly frightening story, one that gets under your skin slowly, then goes deep, like the tip of a butcher knife. I read the novel one snowy night by the fire, unable to sleep until I finished, then unable to sleep once I had.”


“A tour de force: a clever and visceral thriller with a one-two-three knockout of an ending that left me dazed. The brooding backdrop of a Czechoslovakia on the brink of World War II just adds another layer of atmosphere to an already nightmarish read.”

LINCOLN CHILD - #1 New York Times bestselling author

“A crime story that transcends the genre. Craig Russell brilliantly uses the character of his tough, funny and hopeful man Lennox to give us the eyes and ears on a time and place. This is storytelling at its very best!”

Michael Connelly

“Steeped in the chilling folklore of Eastern Europe and echoing the dread of a barbaric war to come, The Devil Aspect snatches the reader by the lapels for a thrilling, twisting trip through the darkest corridors of the human mind.”

Daniel H. Wilson - New York Times bestselling author of Robopocalypse

“A blood-pumping, nerve-shredding thriller–elegant, edgy, ingenious. Craig Russell conjures not one but two unforgettable settings: Prague between the wars, pulsing with menace, and a Gothic mental asylum, as exciting a house of horrors as I’ve ever visited. You’ll enter both with dread. You’ll dwell in them with relish.”

A. J. Finn - #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Woman in the Window

“Deep, dark, and twisty, The Devil Aspect will keep you up all night reading… With all the lights on. Russell has created a gripping masterpiece of a thriller!”

Alex Grecian - New York Times bestselling author of THE YARD

“A distinctive and exciting new voice in crime fiction… this is gritty, authentic and disturbing stuff”

Mo Hayder

“Lennox is a private eye for the ages. Tough, uncomprising and insightful, with concrete fists and a heart of gold. Russell has brilliantly captured post-war Glasgow and the vulnerability of those left to pick up the pieces.”

Michael Robotham

“In 1935 Prague, vicious murders are linked to a medieval castle housing an insane asylum outside the city in this well-crafted gothic crime tale…. A seasoned writer, Russell keeps the police case moving at a good clip…but nothing to match the ending, which offers more twists than a Chubby Checker album. A smart, atmospheric, and entertaining read but not for the Jung and easily Freudened.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Scalpel-sharp dissection of the nature of evil. A splendidly Gothic story. It is breathtaking.”