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Russell writes a pacy, ever-twisting mystery that will keep you turning the pages.

Ian Rankin

Evocative prose (“violence hung like mine dust in the air, waiting for a spark to bring it to combustion”) enhances a suspenseful and sophisticated plot. This is the rare riff on an influential novel that sticks the landing.

Publisher’s Weekly*Starred Review*

A stunning gothic masterpiece from the internationally acclaimed author, Craig Russell.  There is no Jekyll… only Hyde.

Victorian Edinburgh—a city with a split personality. Captain Edward Henry Hyde is chief detective for the City of Edinburgh Police; as such, he is responsible for investigating all murders and serious crimes in the city. Hyde is a striking but severe-looking man who provokes unease, and often fear, in those who encounter him. Nevertheless, Edward Hyde is truly a good man… though he has his own hidden demons to contend with.

When Hyde finds himself at the scene of a gruesome murder, with no idea of how he got there or the events leading up to the discovery, his alarm is triggered on two levels. First, the crime scene is brutal and involves the Threefold Death, an ancient Celtic rite of sacrifice entangled with dark Scottish spiritual mythology. Second, Hyde’s inability to remember any detail of his arrival at the crime scene makes him immediately fret about the secret he keeps from all but his physician: He suffers from a rare form of epilepsy that causes him to lose time—amnesiac absences where he cannot account for his actions—and nocturnal seizures that manifest themselves as vivid and lucid dreams.

As Hyde begins his investigation of the murder in a city on edge, he finds himself not only searching for real world clues, but trying to unravel the significance of the imagery in the otherworld of his dreaming.

His investigation leads Hyde deeper into the shadowed labyrinth of Victorian Edinburgh, and to a discovery much darker than he ever imagined.